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About Us

Mission & Vision

Core Values

We Are Consultants and Operators

Uniquely experienced to execute financial & operational change and provide value added insights. Morningside Group exists to partner with our private equity & corporate clients in the execution of M&A, performance improvement and other support initiatives.

The firm was started in 2020 by Mark Sponseller and Ansir Junaid. Mark brings over 25 years of experience in both consulting and C-level operational roles with private equity, corporate and consulting organizations. Junaid has founded numerous businesses and holds CEO & chairman roles with a number of privately held companies across various industries. In starting Morningside, Mark & Junaid believed the needs of clients can be better served through selectively building teams with diverse backgrounds and leveraging the best practices developed over their substantial work histories.


Morningside’s mission is to provide your firm with world class financial and operational services. We strive to build value-added long-term relationships that are uniquely tailored to your needs. Our goal is to be your trusted business adviser.


We started Morningside Group to provide an alternative to the market for consulting services for customers and our professionals alike. One where people like what they do, are energized in how they do it and are proud of what they accomplish together. What drives us are the deep and long-standing relationships we develop with our clients, our peers and others with whom we work. We are truly focused on understanding our clients’ needs so we can consistently find ways to deliver value in every aspect of our work.

Core Values

Create value and deliver results

We leverage our experience to create unique insights that drive value in each engagement. We provide consistent successful project outcomes that enhance the confidence in actions taken.

Be engaged

Our people like what they do, are energized in how they do it and are proud of what they accomplish together which delivers a better client experience.

Act quickly and decisively

Our experience allows for us to quickly identify key issues / value drivers and then to move decisively to recommend potential solutions and execute as needed.

We take ownership

You are a priority to us. Every member of our team from the front-line associates to the CEO is committed to taking ownership of our clients’ business outcomes.

Proactively collaborate

We recognize the fact that we are not experts at everything. We are constantly looking to collaborate and build synergies.

Continuously improve

We strive for self-improvement, learning, and development of new skills that help us become more efficient and effective.