Crisis & Change Management

If your company is undergoing a sudden crisis from a changing business environment or a company shake up, Morningside has the expertise to help you navigate out of troubled waters to brighter horizons.

Define the situation
Sometimes clear answers behind the causes of a crisis situation can be elusive. We will clearly identify the factors and attributes surrounding the issue and work with your team in developing a plan to fix it.
Formulate, communicate and execute a clear response plan for key stakeholders
Essential stakeholders sometimes develop a misunderstanding of the situation or the factors contributing to the crisis event. Even when they are fully on board, these individuals desire a quick and concise action plan of how the business will react and respond to the issues at hand. Our goal is to enhance transparency and clarify communications immediately as the crisis unfolds and to work with all stakeholders and management in presenting workable solutions for all parties involved.
Assist the senior leadership team to ensure issues do not replicate or accelerate
Our main goal is to not only provide a roadmap and workable solutions for your company to implement but also ensure your senior leadership team that crisis will not immediately return. We will provide actionable and lasting solutions while assisting as needed in their full implementation.
Development and executing remedial action plan
We will follow up with your teams to ensure that the action plans are being correctly executed throughout the process. Our use of technology can make this follow up seamless and timely. Our goal is to ensure that your team quickly identifies and navigates roadblocks that delay or stall progress so that your business can return to firmer footing as soon as possible. As needed we can augment your team by bringing in Morningside personnel to help implement change or take on leadership positions.