Information Technology

IT Strategy Recalibration

Identifying Organizational Goals: Our consultants will work with your team to generate a technology strategy that aligns with your business objectives to complement the short and long-term goals of the organization.

Developing a Technology Plan: We will work with your team to generate a 5-year IT plan that falls in line with the organization’s strategic goals.

Technology Optimization & Business Intelligence Reporting

Automation & Dashboard Creation – Our team will review all existing reports, evaluate gaps, recommend actions to better utilize the information and develop dashboards, efficiently automate the process and ensure that the data is continually validated.

KPI Refinement Capture – Our team will leverage management’s knowledge of the business, use industry-specific reports and our own experiences to isolate the most important KPIs to better support the organization in meeting its objectives.

Analyzing & Automating Existing Systems

We can identify areas and address common issues that keep companies from achieving maximum utilization and efficiency from their existing systems.

Overly Complex or Underperforming Systems – Our experts can evaluate the existing systems environment to determine if there is too much complexity built into the system(s), if systems are incompatible with other software within the organization, and/or if a specific system is not supporting the objectives of the business (e.g., outdated programs, inflexible systems, etc.).

Standalone Systems: Our team is well versed in expanding the capability of standalone systems to effectively enhance the capabilities and deploy automation tools to decrease manual input.

Manual Processes: Our expertise in automation can help cut down the manual entry of data into the system and decrease the risk of bad data making its way into the system.

Software Use Maximization: Our analysts can evaluate the current system capabilities to maximize the full feature, bringing more business activities under the same roof to gain more value from the investment.

Data Cleanup Exercise: We can leverage our near-shore team who can strategically work around the clock in resolving data issues driven by incompatible systems , recent system changes, newly acquired companies, or other factors creating data integrity concerns.

Cost Reduction & Restructuring Alignment

Our experts can evaluate the performance of existing IT teams and cost structures to give recommendations on how to expand capabilities while decreasing costs.

Bringing in New Talent: With various relationships in numerous industries, we can place high output professionals into specified positions to boost output.

Managed Services: With our directory of managed service providers, we can strategically place teams that can generate more value while being cost-effective.

Establishing & Aiding Knowledge Transfer

Identifying situations where employees add risk to the business by not sharing key aspects of their role creates risk and operating inefficiency. We can bring expertise to map out processes and roles to establish full transparency and redistribute duties within the department so that there is never a situation where a single operator can put the business at risk.

Software Design and Documentation

Our team is well versed in setting up a robust library of framework documents while working in tandem with our development team that will help develop and structure the creation of custom software suited for your venture with detailed documentation from start to finish.