Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Support

When you are buying or selling a business there are a lot of steps involved in completing the process. From initial screening, to due diligence, to closing and negotiating the final purchase agreement, and ultimately navigating the post-closing process and settlements and if applicable, integration. We can help you at every step along the way.
Buy Side – Light touch to full lender ready reporting

In today’s competitive deal environment we believe there is a need for a quick and cost effective due diligence read for buy side opportunities without the higher costs of the larger due diligence providers in the market. This can be particularly true for add on acquisitions where a full scope lender ready report may not be required. Morningside has the capabilities to provide concise and impactful analysis that aids in quick go / no go decision making. Should you decide to move forward with a deal, we can leverage and enhance our initial findings towards completing a more fulsome workplan and reporting.

Sell Side – Vendor assistance to full vendor due diligence reporting

Prior to selling a business, Morningside can provide perspective on potential deal issues and opportunities to help sellers achieve a better outcome. With time and access these insights can add significantly to seller proceeds. Further in the support of a sale transaction, Morningside can help you prepare the information needed to give potential buyers what is required of the process and avoid surprises. If requested, we can also provide a full vendor due diligence reporting that will show the complete picture and health of your business.

Post closing deal support

The deal isn’t complete upon the closing of the transaction. Often times there are provisions in the agreement that can significantly impact the final economics of the buyer and seller alike following the initial closing of the deal. While many of these matters can be straight forward, there are many which are not. Our team has the experience in working through these matters in order to achieve a structured and orderly resolution.

Post closing Day 1 & forward support

Once a merger is complete, there is still a lot of work to be done. Morningside can help bring structure to the post closing process and bridge resource & knowledge gaps within the management team. Whether it is helping management navigate the intricacies of a carve out and standing up a stand-alone organization to merging a strategic add onto an existing platform company, Morningside can add the experienced arms and legs to support the post-closing support needs of a business. Specific work areas include:

Project Management Office Support (Integration)
Transition Services Arrangement Support (Carve Out)
Specific Project Work
Interim Management