Performance Improvement & Special Project Work

Whether it is addressing broader performance issues or focusing squarely on a specific identified issue, our team’s unique and diverse background allow us to quickly identify the actions and steps necessary to make lasting change.
Cross Functional Strategy Review
A sound cross functional strategy is integral to how your business will operate and grow. When we undertake a cross functional strategy review, we look at the entire business and not just the financial elements. We pressure test the strategy and review the cross functional organization to make sure their focus and actions are aligned with the overall strategic goals of the business. We then help implement change when they are not.
Analysis of business / business unit performance and improvement opportunities
Has the business or business unit’s performance consistently fallen short of expectations? Is management too focused on the tactical elements of execution while ignoring the strategic priorities of the business? We will dive into the internal and external information sources and provide an independent review of performance towards developing opportunities for a better approach. If necessary, we will act in management roles until the needed changes are fully in place.
Evaluation of working capital and cash flow management processes
Are earnings and cash flows disconnected? Is the company routinely experiencing cash squeeze scenarios? Cash flow issues could be a problem with strategy, execution or even management. We will explore your business from top to bottom and highlight actionable steps to address and improve future liquidity.
Complete financial and operational reporting assessments
Is the management team appropriately reviewing and understanding the results of operations? What your team reviews and how they review it can color their perspective on the actions necessary to achieve success. Financial and operational reporting often times can include inaccurate and unnecessary information. We will help outline the best way to source and use the existing information and clear out “noise” and inaccurate items to enhance the effectiveness of the reporting environment. In many cases the fixes are simple and cost effective.