Refinancing, Re-organization & Troubled Company Support

There are challenges that can arise within a company’s lifecycle which require additional support. Moving to larger lending capacity or refinancing an existing facility, dealing with covenant non-compliance, resetting company operations to better match a changing business environment or unforeseen economic turmoil are examples of events that can place significant stress on management and in turn, threaten the success of the business. Morningside has the experience to help management through these events or if necessary, to step in where management cannot adequately respond to ensure the continued success of the company. We work with owners, lenders and other intermediaries in support of seeking the best outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders in these situations.
Assist in staff augmentation to address critical issues impacting the business
In some cases, it is necessary to partner with a management team in setting a path and then to help guide them in their execution; in others it is necessary to step into the roles of management to make the necessary changes. Leveraging our experience, we engage quickly in developing the most impactful path forward that is able to generate accelerated change within the organization. We pull from not only our own team in developing solutions but also through other affiliates in addressing the major issues facing our clients.
Work with lenders, attorneys, other stakeholders in developing and executing a plan for reorganization and emergence
Morningside can work with management, lenders or other stakeholders towards giving them a viable plan to address significant issues impacting performance. Whether a company is attempting to emerge from default and forbearance or a formal voluntary or involuntary reorganization, we can help in that process. We strive to arrive at a fair solution that will maximize value and minimize risk for our clients and their stakeholders alike.