Our Approach

Team Structure

Value Creation

Competitive and Flexible Pricing

Team Structure

Experienced & Hands-On Engagement Teams

We believe in smaller teams consisting of professionals who understand the business and the work that is necessary. We structure our work to provide consistent communication throughout the process leveraging technology where we are able, to ensure our progress is consistent with the client’s expectations and needs. We believe this approach helps us deliver a truly unique experience at a more economical cost while still creating value and delivering results for our clients.

Mix of Operational and Consulting Backgrounds

Many of our professionals have experience in both consulting and in principal operating roles so they bring unique experience to our engagements. We leverage this experience to create a service which is more sensitive to the needs of our clients and less disruptive to their ongoing business activities.

Accelerated Results Delivery

Morningside approaches all engagements with a sense of urgency. While quality is of our utmost concern, we realize the impact time spent has on costs and the achievement of opportunities. We strive to find the most efficient path in finding solutions to our client’s business issues and proactively seek out feedback throughout the process to ensure that fewer dry holes are dug as we execute our work.

Value Creation

Concise Reporting

We believe a focused approach to reporting is most appropriate. There is no value in reiterating facts already known to the situation. Our reporting focuses on impact and action items with minimal ancillary details. While we believe reporting has a role in terms of communication of findings and approach, we prefer to be involved with the execution of solutions to the reporting of problems.

Unique Insights on Specific Value Drivers

Given our diverse experience, we believe we can bring unique insights to any engagement. Morningside can do the necessary research, data analytics, inquiries and other procedures and synthesize those facts in a manner that is easy for your team to utilize and act upon.

Enhanced Decision Making

Most of the time delays in decision making can be attributed to not having all of the necessary information or not having the “right” information. We draw on our experience in consulting and industry to provide the information you need for your business to make a decision that will lead to confidence in your decisions and a greater chance for positive outcomes.

Competitive and Flexible Pricing

We strive to create an affordable and mutually beneficial relationship with all our clients. We don’t view any client relationship on a “one-off” transactional basis but rather look to develop deep and long-standing relationships. We share the benefits of having a small and experienced team and lower overhead which we believe allow us to offer the most competitive rates in the industry relative to the value we deliver.