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Private Equity

Support the Process — Working with PE firms across the M&A lifecycle from evaluation to post closing performance

Morningside provides comprehensive private equity services. We specialize in the buying and selling of companies. We work with firms throughout the merger and acquisition life cycle from initial evaluations to post-closing performances.
Some major private equity services we offer:

  • Quality of earning analysis
  • Full financial statement analysis
  • Projection Analysis
  • Networking capital analysis
  • Lender ready analysis
  • Post-closing dispute
  • Post-closing support
  • Vendor Assistance

If your company is still unsure of the process and the steps involved, we can perform a light touch evaluation that provides focused reporting and the next steps.

Augment PE / Portfolio Teams — Leveraging bench and experience to attack issues that arise post-closing

Once the merger and acquisition have been completed there is still a lot to do. Often the unexpected can happen. Our experienced team has the skills to help you navigate the unknown and help keep your company running smoothly.

Closely Held Companies

Drive Performance Improvement — Provide analytical and operational support to evaluate and address matters impacting performance

Is your business not as productive as it could be? Are critical teams having trouble performing or communicating with each other? Morningside can be part of that solution. We can evaluate your business and discover practical business solutions that increase your company’s performance.

Do not let small, easily correctable deficiencies in your business operations prevent your company from reaching its full potential.

Perform as Management — Step in to provide a bridge when key roles become unexpectedly vacant

During the process, there can be a lot of changes happening within your organization very quickly. Sometimes you need people to fill key support roles. We can fill those key management positions either by drawing in from our staff when key roles become unexpectantly vacant or we can use our expansive network to find the right talent to help bridge this transition period.

Portfolio Companies for Financial Institutions

Aid in Closing Deals — Developing remediation for issues delaying financing between lenders and prospective borrowers

It is common for growing companies to encounter issues attempting to secure initial or increased financing. Often a growing company has leveraged all they can from smaller local lenders yet have not addressed the various business management practices and controls to move up to the next level to obtain higher credit facilities with larger financial institutions. Both the company and the financial institution would like to move forward but are at an impasse until these matters can be addressed. Growth opportunities suffer as a result. Morningside can work with both parties towards addressing the critical infrastructure and other needs of the business. Whether it is simply offering a plan and hands on guidance or stepping in to fill a role to drive change, Morningside can bring the resources to get things moving forward.

Getting Things Back on Track — Addressing issues at “yellow” through “red’ within a lending portfolio

Occasionally borrowers in a financial portfolio get flagged as a “yellow” or “red” situation due to performance against covenants, general financial performance, borrowing limits, etc. We can work either with lenders or the borrowers in these situations to diagnose the issues and implement change. We review the initial expectations when the debt facility was initiated and compare those to current performance in order to clearly focus in on where the problems reside and how best to resolve these matters. Throughout the process we act as a bridge between the parties to get things back into compliance or find alternative solutions to move forward.