What We Do

Whether it is supporting M&A activity, addressing strategic / functional areas adversely impacting performance, or taking a role in support of or as part of management, our team’s unique and diverse background allows us to quickly and effectively respond to the needs of the situation.


We provide support across the entire M&A deal continuum from the initial screening stage, through data preparation, due diligence, closing and negotiating the final purchase agreement, navigating the post-closing process and settlements and integration / 100- day plan execution.


We support solutions for broad strategic and specific functional areas, which may involve finance & accounting, business under-performance, liquidity management, project management office support, and other areas where performance falls short of expectations or additional resources are needed to execute strategy or enact change.


We partner with owners, lenders, and other parties as part of management or as an advisor in seeking the best outcomes for all stakeholders when companies encounter extreme pressure on their business operations and liquidity. We develop and execute the plan, which can involve stabilizing and streamlining operations, controlling costs / spending, remediating non-compliance and poor relationships with lenders, restructuring or obtaining new financing, and resetting operations to match a changing business environment or unforeseen economic event.


Our Interim Management solutions provide just-in-time CEO, CFO, Senior Operational / Finance, and Controller level leadership and support by stepping in as management when new business initiatives or replacement needs from unexpected departures or underperforming management arise. We protect business performance while simultaneously helping clients bridge to a permanent solution.


Morningside’s Finance & Operations Team draws upon our deep technical and industry experience to develop value-added solutions in support of M&A or in response to other needs of the business.


  • Buy-Side Support – Light touch to full lender-ready reporting
  • Sell-Side – Exit support / assistance to full vendor due diligence reporting
  • Post- Closing deal support for adjustment mechanisms, earnouts, etc.
  • Post- Closing Day 1 and forward support (Project Management Office support (Integration), transition services arrangement support, specific project support, carveout support, & Day 1 Interim management)


  • Cross-functional strategy review
  • Analysis of business / business unit performance and improvement opportunities
  • Evaluation of working capital and cash flow management processes
  • Complete financial and operational reporting assessments
  • Project Management Office set up and operation for large / important initiatives


  • Oversight of management as CRO or other appointed roles to enhance execution and transparency
  • Creation of novel business and strategic plans addressing issues with leverage and performance
  • Additional management depth in supporting crisis and significant change management issues impacting performance


  • C-level and mid-management level support to fill gaps in management driven by performance, untimely departures, temporary departures, or other factors
  • Other function staff / resource augmentation
  • Full or functional leadership roles in support for Day 1 acquisitions, new business units, wind down of business units, etc.

Who We Serve

Morningside’s Finance & Operations Team brings deep experience in supporting and delivering value to Private Equity Funds and Private Businesses with advisory support and in “hands-on” management roles.


Evaluate and Integrate Work with PE firms across the M&A lifecycle on due diligence and ensuring operations are integrated and synergies can be realized.

Portfolio Support Work to support Day 1 stand up and other support needs as those businesses grow and evolve throughout their hold period.

Perform as Management Step in to provide a bridge when key CEO, CFO, and Controller roles become unexpectedly vacant.

Support the Exit Scrub deal financials, building data room details, issuing a sell-side report, and responding to buyer questions; allowing management to focus on running the business throughout a sales process.


Functional Issue Resolution Provide analytical and operational analysis in support of defining root causes of specific issues; impacting performance, and providing clear and actionable solutions and participating, if needed, in their implementation.

Strategic Support We partner with management in handling the workload, collaborating on solutions, and providing project management office oversight to shepherd action plans to a successful conclusion.

Perform as Management Provide a bridge for key CEO, CFO, and Controller roles when no such role formally existed or when these roles become unexpectedly vacant.


Help Prospective Borrowers Become “Underwrite Ready” Develop actions for the remediation of key issues that either have or will delay the closing of financing between lenders and prospective borrowers.

Getting Things Back on Track Address issues at the “yellow” through “red’ stage within underperforming credits. We provide an outside perspective on the situation, enhance transparency of reporting, reset strategy, present options on a path forward, and support the execution of change.

Our Expertise

Morningside’s Finance and Operations Team has successfully led and managed hundreds of projects.

Merger, Acquisition, & Divestiture Support

250+ transactions involving buy side/sell side private sale, public to private, IPO, joint venture, and public and private syndicated debt offerings. Examples include:

  • Sale of $130M industry- leading packaging and supplies distribution business
  • Purchase of a leading service provider to the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies (FE&S) space
  • Roll up of multiple acquisitions of branded, professional-quality hair care product and food and beverage companies

Post- Closing Day 1 & Forward Support

Led the complete strategic realignment of a $60M revenue high growth, but operationally stressed, distribution business. Key actions taken:

    Led the complete strategic realignment of a $60M revenue high growth, but operationally stressed, distribution business. Key actions taken:

  • Implemented cross- functional staffing reorganization and realignment
  • Identified and remediated significant finance, sales, and operational gaps
  • Executed IT strategy to automate processes and enhance controls
  • Recapitalized business to support growth
  • Adjusted and refined business strategy and developed and executed plan of exit

Special Project Work

Retained for special project work associated with a $4B carve out of a global publicly traded industrial products and services company. Work included:

  • Developed processes and procedures to support stand-alone SEC- compliant and internal financial reporting supportive of PE sponsor requirements
  • Implemented various programs to address issues created by the carve- out and multiple ERP systems
  • Successfully led a new $500M bond offering under Rule 144A

Financing Support & Recapitalization

Led a turnaround of $100M revenue severely overleveraged QSR franchising business. Key activities included:

  • Business model review and strategy reassessment
  • Simultaneous execution of a refinancing of the credit facility and sales lease- back transaction of a significant real estate portfolio
  • Development of additional actions for current owners to further enhance liquidity of the business


Morningside is committed to delivering value to our clients in every interaction. This is reflected in the mindset and approach we bring to every engagement.


We employ smaller teams with a significant depth of experience who partner well with clients in quickly defining needs, launching execution, and taking efficient paths forward to completion. We focus on adding value in all phases of our work with an action-oriented mindset and clear, concise reporting while simultaneously avoiding excess or unnecessary work.


We believe we have created the right cross- functional team with capabilities that align well with the typical needs of middle- market private equity funds and private companies. Our work is always focused yet scalable and dictated by the needs of the situation as they evolve or change.


Our focus is on understanding each client’s strategic objectives and aligning our process to support achieving strategic outcomes. At the outset of each situation, we take care in fully understanding the uniqueness of each problem, the stakeholders involved, and other relevant factors in designing how we can best support our clients’ needs before beginning our work. We maintain timely, clear, and efficient lines of communication through our work so that all parties remain aligned in the execution strategy.


Our capabilities allow us to uniquely develop value- driven insights while also being able to actively take roles in the implementation of those recommendations. From an interim to a mid-term basis we can also plug into C-level and mid-management roles helping stabilize a situation while also actively engaging in finding the longer term solution for a business.


Our systematic approach to project delivery is framed within well-tested structures, complete with best-practice processes and templates. This ensures consistent quality across initiatives, clear reporting of progress to all stakeholders, and that every engagement achieves the expected strategic outcomes.